Having just bought the new Razer Lycosa keyboard, I unfortunately ran into the same problems as many others did. For me the shift and backspace-keys only worked occasionally and the backlight was considerably darker in the center of the keyboard. Placing a coin on the Razer-mediakey seemed to help, but now I was unable to use any other media buttons, or the Windows-key, and one of the reasons I bought this particular keyboard (besides its awesome feeling :D) were the mediakeys.
With the store having closed and me not wanting to return it, I read from someone who claimed that he just opened his keyboard und tinkered a bit with the plugs inside, which fixed his Lycosa. So I gave it a try – and it worked! I’ve taken some photos while working and will try to recount every step I made, so you can fix your keyboard too. The actual problem seems to be a screw that prevents the touchpad-plug to fully connect to the main chip board, which screws up some major functions like sending input „signals“ longer than a few milliseconds.

Backlight problems

Update [11. July]: It seems like Razor finally realized, that many of their keyboards have this problem and offer replacements now. To quote one of the comment authors:

There is no need to ship our Lycosas back: it looks like the Razer team is replacing every keyboard just after veryfing yours is one of the ~not properly working~ Lycosas. I just got their answer:

“We have verified that your Lycosa is one of the units affected by the known issues. We apologize for the trouble you have had with the Razer Lycosa and the inconvenience this has caused you. We have made arrangements for a new Lycosa to be sent to your address. ”

Good for us!



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